Bible Reading Plans - Entire Bible in a Year

Modify the dates to start at any point during the calendar year (no need to wait until January)

Chronological New Testament with assorted related Old Testament passages daily
The whole Bible in a year: usually one passage from the New Testament (in chronological order with harmonized gospels) accompanied by three or four assorted related Old Testament chapters (not linear). Curiosity and about 30 minutes a day required.

Chronological Old Testament with a related New Testament passage daily
The whole Bible in a year: a few chapters from the Old Testament daily (in chronological order) accompanied by a related New Testament passage (not linear). Curiosity and about 30 minutes a day required.

Chronologically Thematic Whole Bible Plan ~ See here on-site
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Starting at Genesis 1, this plan moves chronologically through the Bible, but when a weighty person, place or theme is mentioned, other parts of scripture are read alongside to go more in depth with the person, place or theme. Thus there are both Old Testament and New Testament passages all year, but they relate to each other thematically. For example, you will find the introduction to Adam at the beginning of Genesis, then follow mentions of Adam through select chapters from Romans, Hosea, 1 Timothy, etc. before continuing with Genesis.
Four chapters per day, six days per week (schedule about 30 minutes per day for reading).
Occasionally there are only three chapters per day, and from November 14th onwards, it tapers to 3, then 1-2.
One day off every week all year to review and share favorite parts with someone or a group. Or to catch up :-)
There are also some special readings (highlighted in blue) that are timed to go with calendar events, which interrupt the regular flow of passages. These are listed on the pdf of the plan.
Every chapter of the Bible appears on the schedule once during the year. Sometimes the chapter you would think would be next is temporarily skipped and then appears later on, to go with a special calendar event or theme.

Chronological Plan ~ See here on-site
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The entire Bible in a year, chronologically, but three days of Old Testament followed by one day of New Testament, all year. The four gospels are intermingled to recount the whole story just once, in 4-fold detail. The Psalms of David are mixed in with David’s history. The prophets are mixed in with the historical accounts during which they prophesied. Paul’s epistles are mixed in with the accounts of his travels in Acts.
It’s fascinating and gives a lot of insight otherwise missed—I loved reading the Bible this way!
The New Testament passages every four days are a lovely oasis :-)
Adapted from’s historical-order plan (their version has the whole OT followed by the whole NT).

48-week plan with a different genre each day of the week, Sundays off
The whole Bible from 2 January to 2 December, with Psalms sprinkled throughout.

52-week Bible reading plan
The whole Bible in a year, with one passage from a different type of reading each day of the week. I.e. Epistles on Sundays, Law on Mondays, Psalms on Wednesdays, Gospels on Saturdays, etc. This is a great plan, and I really enjoyed it. I would do it again.

Discipleship Journal Book-at-a-Time Plan
The whole Bible in a year, alternating Old Testament and New Testament books, with an additional reading from Psalms, Proverbs or Isaiah daily. Gospels spread through the year. This gives a nice variety while maintaining the continuity of each book.

Two-Year Whole Bible Plan ~ See here on-site
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This plan takes you through the entire Bible one time in two years, to have more time to think and pray over each passage in your daily time with God (the Author, who loves you).
Chronologically through the Old Testament. Accompanying New Testament passages every day: either related to the Old Testament passage, or continuing the New Testament passage from the day before.
Six reading days per week. Sundays are free to look back over the week and share impactful verses with an accountability partner or group, reflect and pray, or catch up.
The readings end in early December each year to avoid the holiday crunch. There are optional holiday season readings: in 2019, prophecies and their fulfillments by Jesus; in 2020, encouraging memory verses to meditate on.