Bible Reading Plans

There are lots of ways to read the Bible. Having some sort of plan is one good way to make sure you read some of God’s Word every day, because there’s somewhere you’re supposed to be up to. Pick a plan that is realistic for your stage in life—if you have babies or toddlers at home, God knows you’re up to your eyeballs. Try a verse a day until you have more free time!

Here are some varied ways to enjoy reading the Bible—it can be nice to try a new way each year, to keep things fresh, to see the Word from a new perspective, and to gain new insights. Print a plan, slip it between the pages of your Bible, and mark the days off as you read them.
See Tips for Success ... and enjoy!

1. Several plans for Excerpts of the Bible in a Year
Including “One Verse a Day” and “Mystery Themes in 6 Readings a Week”

2. A Plan for Half the Bible in a Year
See on-site ~ Download printable pdf
This one is 683 chapters (out of 1189 in the entire Bible), a lighter, modified version of the excellent 52-week reading plan, by Michael Coley. I adapted this to use the next year after I had read the whole Bible and needed a lighter schedule for a breather.

3. Several plans for The Entire Bible in a Year
Several different ways: Chronological Plan, Thematic Plan, 52-Week Plan, Book-at-a-Time Plan ...
You can modify the dates to start at any point during the calendar year (no need to wait until January).

4. A Plan for The Whole Bible in Two Years
See on-site ~ Download printable pdf