A Song for Remembering the Order of the Books of the Bible

Click on the arrow at the bottom of the "Prezi" slideshow three times to get to Genesis. Then start the audio clip, and follow along in the Prezi as the song plays (click on the Prezi arrow again, then you can use your right arrow key to move along if you prefer).


If the song won't start for you, try updating your web browser to something that supports HTML5 (e.g. latest versions of Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer 9). Maybe better yet, install the latest free Chrome browser. Otherwise, you can try clicking here to download the song directly, then come back to this window to follow the visual.
I do not know who came up with the tune for this song. If you do, please jot me a note so I can credit them.
I use this song all the time to help me remember where to find the more elusive books of the Bible.
It is also very handy for remembering which verses you've memorized if you do the 66 verse memory plan. :-)